Special thanks

This page has been created in order to give special thanks for different people, who helped the project.

This people are:

  1. Ponomareva Margarita. Adult sponsor/scientific adviser;
  2. Kochekov Anton. Scientific consultant;
  3. Pastukhova Julia. Physics teacher, scientific consultant;
  4. Pavlenko Vladimir and Pavlenko Galina. My parents, sponsors;
  5. Boykova Svetlana. Director of my school, sponsor;
  6. Nikolaenkova Maria. The ideological inspirer;
  7. Kulvinskiy Artem. Donate sponsor;
  8. Chernakova Irina. Help with represent and documents;
  9. «Dernov Brothers» company: Artem and Egor Dernov. Record video represent.

A huge thanks to all of you!

Best regards,
Artem Pavlenko.